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Wanderlust Pop Up Glamping is the first and only tent rental company in Las Vegas to offer a luxury camping experience. Our focus is to help people reconnect in a personal and comfortable way, to each other and nature through glamping. View Las Vegas and its surrounding areas through a different lens; explore the great outdoors and sleep in a beautiful luxury canvas tent. This is no ordinary camping; you will be glamping (glamorous + camping)!

Why go glamping? Tent glamping is not just a fun and luxurious way to camp, it is also an Eco-friendly lodging option that causes minimal to zero impact on its surrounding environment. Our quality tents are spacious enough to sleep 2-6 guests, leaving plenty of room for other furniture. The tents include memory foam Queen or Twin size beds with pillows among other comforts you find at home.

Venture off and enjoy a variety of local activities and attractions. Whether you want to spend the day hiking, fishing, horseback riding, ride a historic train or take a guided tour, Las Vegas has something special for everyone. At the end of the day, retreat to your comfortable and stylish tent to wake up refreshed and ready for another day’s adventure.




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